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Mike Dempewolf Sprinkler Repair is based in Lodi, CA, and we install and troubleshoot Malibu lighting, time clocks valves, tree spot lighting, wiring, and more. We can answer your most common questions, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

My Lights Were Working Before, So Why Aren't They Working Now?

The answer to this question varies. Call us to troubleshoot your lights, and we’ll make the best repair suggestions based on our expertise.

Common Troubleshooting Tips

  • Check the Timers
  • Check the Voltage
  • Diagnose Transformers
  • Test the Bulbs and Wires 

Because these tasks involve electrical work, we recommend calling our experts to troubleshoot your system – for your safety.

Why Add Outdoor Lighting?

Many of our customers install outdoor lighting to add beauty, charm, and curb appeal to their home. In addition, outdoor landscape lights are helpful for enhancing safety, since studies indicate that burglars typically target low-lit properties.

Can We Improve Energy Efficiency?

Absolutely! Today’s outdoor lights come in all shapes and sizes, and many have more energy-friendly options built-in. Ask us about installing the hot new trend – solar lights!

What About Intricate Designs?

We have a good eye for design, and can follow ideas you have in mind on where and what to make the focal point of your property.

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