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Repair or Replace Valves, Time Clocks, Wires, and More

Set Up Automated Systems to Feed Your Lawn on Schedule

At Mike Dempewolf Sprinkler Repair in Lodi, CA, we install and troubleshoot broken pipes, PVC, galvanized pipes, and drip line systems.

We also resolve these common questions or issues by our customers:

  • Why Do You Have Low Pressure on the Sprinkler Heads?
  • Why Does the Fuse Keep Blowing on the Time Clock?
  • Why Doesn’t the Time Clock Work in Zone Three?

Need Replacement Parts?

Our long-time service in the area means that we’re well-connected to some of the top suppliers of irrigation and sprinkler parts. We have first-hand knowledge of when and where to shop, in order to get you the steepest discounts.

Need to Locate a Valve or Broken Sprinkler Wire?

We utilize a wire tracking machine to find anything under concrete, grass, soil, cloth, brick, or cobble rock.

Small or Large Jobs? No Problem!

We service a range of automated sprinkler systems, both large and small.

Modernize Your Sprinkler Systems

If your property has an outdated sprinkler system, we can modernize these for you. The process has many benefits too, namely less water use. Modernizing could also mean a number of things, including installing a rain sensor or controller for instance. To learn more, please call us for a consultation.

Have Your Heard?

While repairs can be made to your sprinkler system, it’s often easier and more affordable to maintain it. Regular upkeep prevents untimely breakdowns, and keeps your lawn looking healthy year-round. Let’s set you up with a simple upkeep schedule to accomplish these goals.

To restore your sprinkler system to good working order, contact us at 209-200-2321.